An apology, followed by a(nother) restart

An apology:

Dear readers new and old, I blew it big time. Despite a soft launch and my can-do attitude, I could not sustain the schedule I set out for myself back in September. If you know me, that's not a huge surprise; I tend to take on a bit too much now and then. That was the case these past six months. Pro tip: Don't commit to maintaining a blog while writing your Masters thesis. It didn't work, so I let it sit. After my thesis defense in January, I took some time off to chill, and now I'm back and more committed than ever!

A finished thesis

Enough hand-wringing, here's what's coming up. Because I'm now unemployed, I have plenty of time to write and blog and take stupid photos and watch YouTube video and tell you all about it. The schedule is similar to what I had mentioned here, but I'll quickly outline it again:

  • Content Mondays and Thursdays - Same as before: whether it's a short essay on a topic I'm passionate about, a throwback to something I've worked on previously, or breaking down a hot issue that's currently unfolding, my main goal is to share what I know and hopefully help you make sense of it if it's unclear. Requests are welcome.  
  • Journal Club Tuesday - This will alternate between an interactive journal club post (see here) and me sharing and commenting on a recent article being posted. A friend pointed out that I should take advantage of my university access while I still can, and I intend to!
  • Mandatory Non-Science Wednesdays - I document the un-science things that I do, such as hobbies or trying new things for your benefit. Requests, as always, are welcome!
  • Friday Round-Up - a peek into the science news of the past week with links alongside the journal club pick
  • AwkSci YouTube Weekend Playlist - a new feature, I'll curate a weekly YouTube playlist that I'll share with you all, with new videos ranging from science to cats to news to cats...
  • Finally, I want to get guest content going as well - if you're interested in contributing in any way, please let me know!
A weekly schedule! I can hear you now: "But Kim, you couldn't stick to a casual schedule before, how is this better?!" Don't worry, lovelies. This will work because I need it to - I've been creatively blocked since finishing my thesis, and even then, it was strict subject matter. Now, I have all the time in the world, so why not use it while I have the chance?

So, where do I start? Today is Friday, but I won't have a chance to get the news links up in time, so we begin afresh tomorrow with a YouTube Weekend Playlist. See you tomorrow!


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