Excuse my absence, stuff happens; final Bored and Brilliant challenge

So, I didn't put up the news or the playlist this weekend, and this isn't the crowdfunding post I promised last week (that will appear on Thursday). I could spin excuses and whatnot, but a) most probably didn't notice, b) the excuse would only try to placate my own frustration, and c) let's be real, I had a case of the blues and instead of working through it I decided to lean into it and wait it out. So, back to this. Unemployment sucks, and having time to think about it does not make it any easier. But dwelling on it isn't the answer either. Without further ado, here's an update on the Bored and Brilliant Challenge!

So, Day Five was all about observing something that you normally wouldn't and thinking about it. Since I didn't leave the flat all weekend, I could only observe how dusty my room is and other odds and ends. So, in an effort to recharge my creative flow, let's move on to the sixth and final Bored and Brilliant Challenge.

The first step is to get bored, either by watching a pot of water boil or by filling an entire page with "010101010.." in small writing. I opted for the pot of water. After that exciting process, take your wallet and empty it onto a clear space.

the contents of my wallet, most of which I needed to throw away
Now, with all the shit that is in your wallet, make a representation of your dream house. What it will look like, where it will be, anything. Give it a name. Make it yours. And once you're done (you decide when you're done), determine the best angle of representation and take a picture.

my dream house, Het Droomhuis
So, my dream house would be a two-level in Utrecht; it would have neighbours on one side but be free on the other for a community garden space where I can grow stuff (marked by the 1, 2, and five cent pieces).  There is transit service and shops and restaurants nearby (the post stickers and broken train ticket by the 'garden'). The sky is blue and sunny (so definitely a dream in Holland) and I even had a passport picture of myself to put in the house. Everything else is pretty abstract. It took me about 15 minutes and some creative application (there are stamps holding the cards up), and it was pretty fun. As far as dream houses go it's not extravagant, but it's pretty much all I want right now.

So, that was it for the Bored and Brilliant project and the challenges. It was interesting to do, but overall I'd say that it will be far more useful to revisit once I have a job. It did make me realize how bored I am with unemployment, I just didn't realize it because I was distracting myself.

See you tomorrow!


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