UPDATE: Urban biodiversity and citizen science, as well as where I've been

Hey everyone! I'm adding this update from a hostel in Bremen. It's half past midnight and I've got a full day tomorrow, so two quick updates:

1. Regarding my previous post on urban biodiversity and citizen science, Carijn Beumer and her colleagues have a new paper out, and this time it's open access! So if you were really interested in my review of the projects in Maastricht and Pheonix and wanted more, here you go.

2. Why am I writing this from a hostel? Well, I meant to say something sooner, but I hate making announcements before contracts are signed. However, I officially started my PhD at Wageningen University today! I've been keeping it under wraps a bit online, but I have been getting my life together for the past few months for the big move and transition and BOOM that time has arrived. So, what am I doing?

I am one of 13 Early Stage Researchers on the BINGO ITN project, Breeding Invertebrates for Next Generation BioControl. It's a project under the European Union and I'm super excited to continue my career in biology. I'll go more in-depth into the project and my prospective research at a later time.

This week is the first Summer School, so I'm here in Bremen with my new colleagues (it's funny, that the first summer school is in Bremen where I was living and did my masters, as there are two PhDs here for the project and one of my instructors is a PI on the project). This summer school is partially an introduction to the concept and structure of a PhD, as well as some workshops on experimental design. It's all over on Saturday, Sunday I catch the early bus to Wageningen, and then I start my new job (!) on Monday.

So, that's why I've been... absent... for the last little while. I went back to Edmonton to visit my friends and family, I've been looking for accommodation, and have been having a bit of a vacation. But once I'm acclimated to my new lab, I will be back, and will continue to post about things science and society related, including my project (the social media and sharing policy of the project needs to be figured out a bit first).

One final note re: the Twitter account, I've decided to shift back to having one (@kfergy), and I'll just be a bit more mature about my public tweets - two accounts is a bit too much for me.


The path of the PhD, colourful and scary and full of ups and downs.


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