Well hey there, spring - a brief update and return to regular scheduled programming

This post was brought to you by my Spotify Playlist: "Work Tunes By Kim". The name may be lame but the tunes are not - check it out if you want need more Canadian indie and Fleetwood Mac (among other jams) in your life. I recommend Fitness Club Fiasco's "My Agenda" parts 1 and 2.

Way way back in November, I compared the planning of genomic projects to furnishing an apartment. At this point, I had yet to do either, but no longer! I've since moved into my own place in Utrecht (back in February) and furnished 80% of it with IKEA's medium-range finest, the other 20% are things I've dragged across the ocean and a few countries as well as some decent finds at the secondhand store.

Let's hear about some work stuff

As for my genomic project, it's been trucking along, a bit of hold up at the moment, but the finalization of plans are in sight! There were consultations with peers, meetings with sequencing companies, some deliberations, and a lot of support from my supervisors. I won't give it all away yet, but just know that indeed, I'm moving forward with my project. I even have business cards (I call them contact cards). I've also picked up a few side duties as well, including running the project's Facebook page, helping out with the Twitter account, and working on content for our twice-yearly newsletter. It's a lot.

And yet, a lot of my work at the moment is waiting. Waiting for emails, waiting for meetings to happen, waiting for people to edit my work, waiting for things to arrive. However, the waiting is nearly over, and soon I hope to have some content to share! For now, I can point you in a few directions:

1) The BINGO website had a news update on some of my work in February, you can find that here, and make sure to check out the other stories from my colleagues!
2) The BINGO Facebook page is up and will soon have more regular programming, but for now it's doing quite well, so give us a Like if you haven't already - soon yours truly will be featured in a Meet The ESRs segment as well, so stay tuned!
3) The BINGO Twitter account is not a high volume account, so following us will not blow up your phone, we promise.
4) Finally, to keep the project on your radar or if you've got a lot of stuff going on, I recommend the BINGO Newsletter that you can sign up for here, it's twice a year and will have all of the updates of the website and a little bit more.

Non-work stuff?

What other news then? Well, my apartment is fantastic, I love Utrecht. And while the commute between Utrecht and Wageningen is a bit long (1.5 hours one way, door to door), it's nice - seriously! I bike to the train station on one bike, take the train, and bike from Ede to Wageningen on my other bike (aside: I'm super Dutch now, I have two bikes), all the while listening to podcasts and enjoying the weather (until my allergies kick in later). Note that I'm writing this on a nice sunny day, this attitude is not omnipresent...

Over the next month I'll be at some interesting symposiums so I hope to be able to write/storify about them, as well as mix work with fun when I visit my baby sister in Leuven before a symposium on crop protection in Gent.

Oh, and I cut my own hair (just some bangs). This is still not Facebook official yet (oh so important in this day and age), but it is Instagram official.

What have you all been up to?


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