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Hey all,

A little while back, I applied and was accepted to be a contributor to the PLOS Early Career Researcher (ECR) Blog. It's a great opportunity to refine my writing skills, speak to a larger audience, and really "science" it up. Don't worry, I enjoy writing here on my own and will continue to, the ECR Blog is merely a more specific place to be sharing my work as well.

With that, I'm pleased to share my first post with you, which went up yesterday: 

(@sgerner on Flickr, CC by-SA 2.0)
 The Definitions They Are a-Changin': Lemarck, Inheritance, and Genomes

Go to the post, check it out, comment if you wish! Next week I head to Switzerland for a course, so I should have something to share in about two weeks. By the way, if you're interested in writing for the ECR blog and want to know more, see the About page on the ECR Blog for more details.


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