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Squeaking this in on the last day of February; hey look, it's an update!

This month has been extremely busy and stressful, but still fruitful. At the beginning of the month, I attended a symposium called "Publishing for Impact," which included a discussion about Open Access. From that symposium, I was left wanting a bit - open access is one part of open science. By only focusing or committing to publishing open access as the solution, it's akin to declaring that you will try out a healthy diet, but only by switching to low fat yogurt for dessert. It's not the whole picture.

Today was my turn for a GSS session (Genetics Seminar Series), our weekly department meeting where we present our findings and practice conference talks, etc. I decided to talk about how to open up a genome project such as my own. Starting with sample prep all the way to annotation and analysis, I also included peripheral activities such as dissemination of results. I didn't intend to make this an exhaustive list of programs, but rather to encourage thinking about ways to open up all aspects of research.

So, here is that presentation, along with talking points in the Notes section of each slide: 
(CC BY 4.0 license)

Enjoy :)


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